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Song                             Artist                         Current $        Sponsors/Producers!   
Death Don't Have no Mercy.  Rev Gary Davis.        35                        karen tofil
Easy Now.              Joan Shelley                      $25                            Tom Honour
Aint No Sunshine         Bill Withers                     $25                      Josh Matthews



Simply donate x amount and put in the details/notes section what song you're sponsoring:



If you're a patron just send me an email saying "Patron! Want to sponsor x song this month"

Email me for Venmo info:

And I should probably set up a PO Box. 

My youtube playlist of songs to tutorial is over 200 songs long! I need direction from yall so here's a page where I'll update a list of requested songs and the dollar amount currently backing the song, and the names of those sponsoring the song.

Once a song hits $200 it will be put to the top of the list and I'll work on it before any other song in the cue. Assuming I'm good enough to learn and play it, and assuming the song is appropriate for the channel! 

If a song hits $100 it will be prioritized on my list of songs to tutorial.

Please note that it's possible you may donate a few bucks to a song and no one else will. Therefore I might never get to doing a tutorial for said song. If you'll be offended then please do not donate! I AM NOT refunding the money. Consider all sponsorships as a donation; a basic way to support the channel and as part of the value 4 value model (more on the v4v below).

This idea is to give all you chicken pickers the opportunity to guide my channel towards the content you want. And not just the tunes that I love.


You can literally request whatever song you'd like, but keep in mind I'm really trying to gravitate this channel towards folk/county/fingerpicking material. If the song is completely off color I won't do it. So yes, the final discretion is up to me, but yall know I'm a decent guy and will try my best to get to most of the songs people are throwing some coin towards, even if it never reaches the above dollar amounts.

Current Playlist of Requested Songs:

Feel free to sponsor any songs on here or be the first to chip in for ANY song in the folk/country genre that you love.


Mike's Music Method runs on the value for value model (v4v). I have no content behind a paywall and charge nothing for my tabs and tutorials. However, like everything in life, this does not mean the content is "free". The cost has been my time, talent, and treasure. The v4v model relies on the listenership (you reading this) to consider what value MMM brings to your life. How much of your treasure is Mike's talent and time worth in your life? How much of your talent (can you write an encouraging email, or help Mike with better camera tips and livestream tech advice?)?

The beauty of the v4v model is that it remains accessible to anyone with access to a computer. Anyone in a financial tight situation can still access this great content and inspiration free of charge. It also eliminates as many middle men as possible. And it empowers the listener (you!) to determine how much MMM is worth as opposed to a fixed rate. Is MMM worth $10 a video? $40 a month? $100 a song learned? YOU get to decide. I'm also currently working on finding a way to get my material available ad free off of youtube. Ideally I dont want to be selling your time and attention to advertisers. But in the meantime Brave browser has a built in add blocker, and the Chrome plugin Ublock Origin works well. So here I admit the v4v has not been truly realized, but please be patient and hit me up with ideas if you have any!


Song                        Artist                              Current $                Sponsors/Producers!   

Sundown                Gordon Lightfoot                $25                         Josh Matthews
Windy and Warm           Doc Watson                   100                 Chase Troxell

One Little Song          Gillian Welch                     50                    Ulrike Wollmer
Drifter's Wife                     JJ Cale                          100                 Chase Troxell
Alone and Forsaken     Social Distortion cover.    100                     James McNamara
Yuma                            justin townes earle          20                            kevin gorman
Many a Mile               Patrick Sky                            200                        Nate Beinemann
Jeremiah Johnson.    Glenn Willow                        200                      Nate Beinemann
One Last Look              Tom Waits                         25                Peter Chiapetta
 Heavenly Houseboat Blues   Townes                   $25                      terje kaspersen

Last Kind Words         Geeshie Wiley                 $20                          Margaux Colinet
another time and place          dave van ronk      35 + 165!    alex eastlake and Nate Beinemann!
America                  Simon & G.Funkel         $25                       Hanna P in Berlin
Sky Blue Sky                 
  Townes                       $27                        Arthur Rupert I
Thirteen                     Elliot Smith                     $50                            Sean McEvoy
w Don't Fall                      Townes                   $150               Bryan
Brand New Companion       Townes                   $100                      Darren Cook
Thirteen Silver Dollars      Colter Wall             $40                         Mitchell Bunch

How Lucky           Prine and Vile -               $40                  Rob Morton and Rob Rouland
Loving You             Blaze Foley -                 $20                             Skye Huggins
Use Me Up              Bill Withers                   $25                                 Josh Matthews
A tab for "Nothin"      Townes                     $75                                Ken!


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