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Ways you can support         


  1. PayPal - Simple, minimal Fees

  2. Venmo: Mike_Molaro_Music (No fees!?)

  3. Patreon - Popular platform but they take a fairly big cut

  4. And best of all! A check or silver bullion via the post: 

      payable to: Mike Molaro at P.O. Box 152 Wildwood PA 15091

Mike's Music Method runs on the value for value model (v4v). I have no content behind a paywall and charge nothing for my tabs and tutorials. However, like everything in life, this does not mean the content is "free". The cost has been my time, talent, and treasure. The v4v model relies on the listenership (you reading this) to consider what value MMM brings to your life. How much of your treasure is Mike's talent and time worth in your life? How much of your talent (can you write an encouraging email, or help Mike with better camera tips and livestream tech advice)?

The beauty of the v4v model is that it remains accessible to anyone with access to a computer. Anyone in a financially tight situation can still access this great content and inspiration free of charge. It also eliminates as many middle men as possible. And it empowers the listener (you!) to determine how much MMM is worth as opposed to a fixed rate. Is MMM worth $10 a video? $40 a month? $100 a song learned? YOU get to decide. 


Inquire about lessons or tell me a joke


799 4450


Mike will get back to you ASAP! If he doesn't please e mail directly or call/text.

Mike with Archer Heights

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